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The Magic Mail Machine

When Commercial Bay was being built
And the diggers were digging in the silt

An odd contraption was revealed
In a chamber where it was sealed

This strange machine, who hid it there?
The old Post Office across the Square?
Hard to say, we wish we knew
And what exactly did this thing do?

Expert technicians from around the land
Installed the upgrades they had planned
With computer chips and new hard drive
The old device it came alive!

Now it’s working again, never run better
It’s the very best way to send Santa a letter
We’d found a Magic Mail Machine down that hole
With a direct connection to North Pole

Santa’s so pleased to be reconnected
He’s been missing your letters as we suspected
So mail your message to Santa, post it today
From where Christmas begins – Commercial Bay

A three story contraption featuring 140 feet of LED tubing, our interactive Magic Mail Machine is open for
business. Write a letter at our writing stations or bring in your own to send to Santa.


One wish a week will be chosen to come true, so make sure you big kids send your letters to Santa too!

Mailboxes open daily from 10am - 8pm.

Send a Digital Letter to the North Pole

Press Me

Luckily our central line to the North Pole is also digital, click the
envelope below to start writing your letter to Santa!

What’s on this Season

Make sure not to miss any of our festive events!

Awkward Family Photobooth

Embrace the bad Xmas jumper awkwardenss and capture a family or friend memory.

Level 1, Next to Bowl & Arrow
From 25 November
10am to 4pm - Wednesday to Sunday
5pm to 8pm late nights (14 December to 23 December)

Magic Mail to Santa

Send your personalised letters to Santa through our Magic Mail machine!

Post Offices located on Ground Floor outside
Tommy Hilfiger and on Level 1 outside Barkers

Gift Wrapping

Get your gifts wrapped in our special
Commercial Bay wrapping paper.

Ground Floor, Opposite Elle + Riley From 1 December
11am to 3pm - Everyday
4pm to 8pm late nights
(14 December to 23 December)

Weekly Winners Announced

Sent a letter to Santa? We’re making one wish come true a week.

Winners wil be announced every
Monday until Christmas.

Stay up to date with the festivities
@commercial bay